REGO® Rotec 2000

  • Supreme slicing quality and performance at minimum material losses thanks to circular blade design
  • Continuous, time-saving and convenient bread feed via a 20 cm-wide sprocket-fed line
  • Individually adjustable blade lubrication with felts and oil pump
  • Analogue display of the slice thickness; also adjustable while slicing is in progress
  • Easy to clean, particularly quiet
  • Colour touch screen and remote control
  • Loaves are fed through a 20 cm-wide channel
  • With separating strip for dual-line use
  • Touch screen
  • Radio remote control for wireless operation from the packing table
  • Expandable control for bread feed and discharge options
  • Can be combined with packing machine Vertec 30
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Type of machine Rotec 2000
Slice thickness [mm] 3.5-12 [6.5-22]
Max. slicing rate [pro min.] 300 [50Hz]
Loaf entry width [mm] max. 200
Loaf entry height [mm] 160
Noise level [dB (A)] 64
Height [mm] 1472
Width [mm] 3423
Depth [mm] 1203
Net weight [approx. kg] 800
Input voltage [Volt] 3Ph~ 400V
Power input [kW] 2.5-3.3
Fuse (customer-supplied) [A] 3 x 16

Accessories and spare parts

Easily expandable by additional Rego Herlitzius products, our slicing machines can help you make the flow of your operations even smoother. The built-in blade can be replaced safely and effortlessly should it become dull. Simply return your dull blade to us, and we will send you a sharp and fully operational blade right away.

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